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The MLK office was originally Mike Judge’s recording studio - classics like Office Space and Beavis and Butthead were produced here. The acoustic walls and dark interior was traded in for a light and airy office for the new owner. The rehab was a full gut remodel in which everything was custom designed and curated from the front reception desk and conference room douglas fir and glass wall system, to the furniture, lighting, and art. The client’s high-stress business requires long hours in the office which drove the interior to be as peaceful, calming, and “home-y” as possible.

  • Location: Lamar - Austin, TX
  • Project Manager: Maggie Wylie, AIA
  • Design Team: Peter Dick, AIA; Maggie Wylie, AIA
  • Contractor: Peter Dick Architect and Builder, LLC
  • Completion: Spring 2014

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