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The Madrona residence was designed for the clients aging parents to live in immediately and for the clients to move in to in the future. The intention is to add another 1000 SF in the next ten years. In order for the future addition to be incorporated as seamlessly as possible, the design became different volumes attached by glass enclosures or breezeways so that the addition can connect in a similar fashion. The home will initially be the home for an elderly couple, one of which has late stage alzheimer's. The backyard incorporates decks that double the buildings square footage. All doors except for the front door open to the back in order to allow an alzheimer's patient to go through doors and “leave” the house and not feel trapped or confined.

  • Location: Balcones - Austin, TX
  • Project Manager: Maggie Wylie, AIA
  • Design Team: Maggie Wylie, AIA,
  • Completion: Summer 2019

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